Cellife Antioxidant 60s


Cellife Antioxidant can effectively inhibit oxidation and slow down aging. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.


This product can help to produce more antioxidant enzymes, reduce oxidative stress, and support cells to produce normal antioxidants.


It also boosts cell viability, increases mitochondrial production and activity levels, and enhances daily performance and energy levels.


60 Tablets
Active Ingredient: mg/tab
Lutein 95%   Equiv.Lutein 200mg                                                                                  105.00
Vitamin C (DC)                                                                                                                   100.00
Vitis Vinifera(Grape seed) ext. 120:1 Standardized to proanthocyandins 26.13mg Equiv. to dry fruit without juice 350mg                                                                                                          50.00
Beta- carotene 10% Equiv. Beta-carotene 2mg                                                           10.00
Bilberry Ext.100:1                            5.00
Goji Berry Ext.10:1         5.00
Cranberries Ext.10:1                   5.00
Turmeric               5.00
Cumin Ext. 10:1                 5.00
Ginger Ext.10:1              5.00
Blackberries Ext. 10:1                    5.00
Clove Ext. 10:1             5.00
Acetyl Levocaritine HCL                              125.00
Curcuma Longa dry Ext. 50:1           Equiv. Curcuma Longa 1.95g                19.50
Bacopa Monnieri Ext 50:1   Equiv. Bacopa Monnieri 3g                            30.00
Quercetin 95%                                 10.00
Red Bean                               20.00
Dosage and Administration:
  1. Adults take 1-3 tablets a day, with a meal or as directed by your health care professional.
  2. Do not use if cap seal is broken. Bottle sealed under cap for your protection.
Warning and Precaution:
  1. Please take in strict accordance with the instructions, do not overdose;
  2. Keep out of reach of children.
  3. Store below 25℃ in a dry, cool, dark place. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight. Protect from humidity.
  4. If symptoms, please stop taking and persist consult your healthcare practitioner.
  5. Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
No added sugar, starch, yeast, salt or artificial colours or flavours.